The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide – Everything You Should Know Before Buying An Air Fryer

If you are new to air frying and you are considering buying an air fryer, you must read our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide. Air fryers come in different types, models and sizes, all designed to meet your specific needs, but if you do not know about these products, you might not know the right one that meets your unique requirement.

In our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide you will learn everything about air fryers, how to choose the right type and the right size for your kitchen, what features to look for and how much you expect to pay for one that meets your needs.

Firstly let us introduce you to the three most popular designs available today:

Air Fryer (Unit)

What is an air fryer

An air fryer is typically an egg-shaped device and uses a method of cooking that circulates hot air at extremely fast speed and high temperature creating a frying effect. 

With little to no oil needed, air fryer cooks much healthier foods whilst maintaining the delicious crunchy taste.



Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo

A toaster oven air fryer results from two items connected in one – air fryer and toaster oven.

Much like the standalone air fryer, the toaster oven air fryer operates in a similar way.

It circulates super-hot air around the food, giving it the crispy, golden texture and mouth-watering taste.

This real wonder cooking device allows food to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside.



Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combo

As the name implies, a pressure cooker air fryer is a combo type air fryer that works on two cooking principles.

For pressure cooking, it works on the traditional steam-pressure principle where the sealed lid builds up the high pressure, which, in combination with steam, helps prepare food quicker and more efficiently.

Turn it into an air fryer by swapping the lid and switching to air fryer mode, the cooker works instantly as an air fryer and will give the food a final crispy finish.



What Makes Air Fryer so Popular Nowadays?

The air fryer was listed in the Top five inventions of the 2010 IFA, and it undoubtedly owes its success to its versatility. The next few things make this gadget unique and tempting:

  • The variety of food that could be fried with this product: air fries, nuggets, sausages, steak, hot dogs, meats, all kinds of fish, and much more;
  • Its practicality: add the ingredients and adjust the temperature, the air fryer will do all the rest;
  • Its efficiency makes it more than just a fryer! In an incredibly short time, you will enjoy your favorite meals!

As you can see, it’s no stranger that an air fryer has become so popular nowadays and that many households want to have one in their kitchen. When selecting the right appliance, you should look at the table below to learn what each type of appliance can do.


Cooking function Air fryer unit Toaster oven air fryer Pressure cooker air fryer
Air frying ✅ (AF mode)
Baking ✅ (AF mode)
Roasting ✅ (AF mode)
Toasting ✅ (AF mode)
Reheating ✅ (AF mode)
Defrosting ✅ (AF mode)
Dehydrating ✅ (AF mode)
Oven grilling ✅ (AF mode)
Pressure cook    
Slow cook    
Rice cooking    
Table 1 – Product comparison – Cooking Functions


It is also worthwhile to take a more in-depth look at the main characteristics of each product and their pros and cons . This will help you decide which type of air fryer is most suitable for you.

Product feature Air fryer unit Toaster oven air fryer Pressure cooker air fryer
Main characteristics – Advanced rapid air technology
– LCD display
– Pre-set buttons (on some models)
– Adjustable timer and temperature control
– Detachable basket

– LED display
– Setting knobs
– Non-stick interior
– Convection fan
– Inside lighting
– LED display
– Pre-set buttons
– Keep warm mode
– Detachable cooking pot
– Detachable lid (on some models)

– Small
– Medium
– Large

2 – 3 qt
3 – 5.8 qt
5.8 – 7 qt

2 – 8 qt
8 – 18 qt
18 – 30 qt

2 – 4 qt
4 – 6.5 qt
6.5 – 10 qt
Power wattage 1000 – 1800W 800 – 1500W 1000 – 1500W
Pros – Healthier meals because little to no oil needed
– More efficient cooking due to powerful fan
– Save space
– Save time cooking
– Easy to use
– Easy to clean
– Compact and portable
– Versatile
– Affordable
– Oven and air fryer combined
– Larger capacity, able to cook more food in one batch
– Easy to use
– More cooking functions than an air fryer unit
– Ideal for families of all sizes
– Typically cost more than an air fryer but still affordable

– Pressure cooker and air fryer combined in one pot.
– Similar size to an air fryer unit
– Save space
– Save time cooking
– Multi-functional, hence more versatile
– Ideal for families of all sizes
– Affordable

Cons – Not so ideal for larger families
– Limited size and shape of basket
– Requires food monitoring or manual intervention
– Large counter required due to bigger size
– Less flexible in rack placement
– Not as portable
– Less insulating materials (recommended to use in a well ventilated area)
– More expensive than the other two types.

– More difficult to clean due to more detachable parts.
– Not as easy to use due to multi-functional nature and more accessories needed.
– Budget
– Standard
– Premium

$50 – $100
$100 – $150
$150 or more

$60 – $120
$120 – $180
$180 or more

$60 – 80
$80 – $180
$180 or more
Table 2 – Product comparison – Features, Pros and Cons


To assist with your buying decision we have written three separate buying guides to help you further understanding each product in more details and a special guide – the Shopping guide that teaches you how to find and shop for your perfect air fryer online.

Our guides will set you on the right frame of mind while you choose the perfect air fryer model for your kitchen and how to shop for them online.


Product Guide
Air fryer buying guide
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1. What is an Air Fryer?
2. How Does it Work?
3. Is Air Fryer Worth Buying?
4. How to Choose an Air Fryer
5. How to Clean an Air Fryer
6. Air Fryer Cost
Toaster oven air fryer
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1. What is a Toaster Oven Air Fryer Anyway?
2. How Does it Work
3. What Can You Cook in a Toaster Oven Air fryer?
4. Why Should I Buy this Type of Air Fryer?
5. How to Choose a Toaster Oven Air Fryer?
6. How Much Does it Cost?
Pressure cooker air fryer
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1. What is a Pressure Cooker?
2. What is an Air Fryer Lid on a Pressure Cooker?
3. What is a Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combo?
4. Benefits of Pressure Cooking and Air Frying
5. What Can You Cook in a Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combo?
6. How to Choose a Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combo?
7. How Much Does it Cost?
Air fryer shopping guide
In this Shopping guide – How to shop for your air fryer online, you will learn

1. Where to Find Your Best Buy Air Fryer?
2. How to Choose the Best Buy Air Fryer Online?
3. What are the Sort Options?
4. What is Amazon’s Choice?
5. What is the “Best Seller” Badge?
6. Customer Reviews and Star ratings
7. Customer Questions and Answers