Cosori Air Fryer Review CP158-AF Premium 5.8Qt

Cosori air fryer review

Winner of our “Best Versatile Air Fryer” category.

The Cosori Air Fryer CP158-AF is an award-winning and most versatile air fryer; comes in multiple colors and designs.

It is easy to use in terms of features and has a compact design making it easy to store on any counter but large enough for families of up to 6 people .

The air fryer that is equipped with multiple useful features that makes it user friendly and if you enjoy healthier fried foods with 85% less fat then this Cosori air fryer is one that you should consider in your purchase.

Available Design/Colors– Digital black
– Black analogue/knob
– Digital black with WiFi smart control
– Digital burgundy red
– Digital white
– Digital white + accessories set of 6
Capacity:5.8 Quarts
Size category:Large
Suitable household size:Up to 6 people
Dimensions:11.8 x 12.6 x 11.7 in
Item weight:16.7 lb
Power wattages:1700 W
Temperature control: 3 available designs:
– Digital
– Digital with WiFi control
– Analogue/Knob
Air Fryer style:Basket type
Manufacturer’s cookbook included:Yes
Video credit: Cosori

Cosori Air Fryer Review and Consumer Insights

The Cosori Air Fryer is an air fryer with huge capacity allowing for easy preparation for guests and family members.

Equipped with 11 preset controls with icons that are easy to understand. 

The air fryer is easy to use when it comes to choosing the type of food you are looking to cook.

The air fryer also has a digital display which is primarily used to show the temperature set and time remaining before the food is cooked.

With a digital panel, the air fryer gives you the privilege to set the temperature and time with precision (1 unit range difference) which is a privilege that won’t be available for non-digital air fryers.

It comes with a basket that is nonstick, removable, and dishwasher friendly making for easy clean up after using.

The removable basket also allows you to conveniently bring the food to where you want to eat them after the cooking is done.

Additionally, the air fryer has a shake and keep warm function. The function serves as an alarm reminder for you to know when to stir the contents within the air fryer for an even fry.

With the keep warm function, you are able to keep the food warm before serving them in cases where you are done cooking earlier than expected.

The air fryer also comes with several safety features like the auto turn off function which is good as there is a possibility that we forget to turn off the air fryer after using it.


  • Multiple designs and colors
  • Good shake and keep warm function 
  • Auto turn off function available
  • Large size for bigger families
  • Free downloadable recipe book


  • Only 5 out of the 11 presets has the shake reminder function
  • Relatively noisy for some people
  • Unit is rather huge and hence takes up more counter space

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Cosori air fryer review

Dash Air Fryer Review Deluxe Electric 6Qt

Dash deluxe electric air fryer 6 qt
Dash air fryer review

It’s time to change those recipes that have too much fat in them. There’s a better way to cook your favorite foods with almost 80% less fat.

The Dash Air Fryer is one of the best air fryer products and is your go-to device for those family meals.

With a 6 quart basket, it is able to fit more than your family will need. Now those greasy fries or unhealthy wings can become your favorites again.

Foods that come out of the Dash Air Fryer will be as crispy as they are delicious.

Available Colors: Aqua, Black, Red, White
Capacity:  6 Quarts
Size category: Large
Suitable household size: Up to 6 people
Dimensions: 12.5 x 14.8 x 14.8 in
Item weight: 16.1 lb
Power wattage: 1700 W
Temperature control: Analogue / Dial
Air Fryer style: Basket type
Manufacturer’s cookbook included: Yes
Video credit: Dash

Dash Air Fryer Review and Consumer Insights

Instead of opting for recipes that make you use hot oils to fry, try air frying.

The Dash Family Size Air Fryer uses specific technology that will almost eliminate using excessive amounts of oil.

In turn, the fryer uses air crisp technology to turn your favorites into healthy options.

The 6 quart basket is a larger option to most air fryers, making it perfect for families or entertaining guests.

To get an idea of space, this appliance can hold up to two pounds of fries or two dozen wings.

The basket has a non-stick coating making it an easy clean up.

Additionally, the unique dial on the front allows you to adjust your cooking time, once you set the appropriate temperature.

Setting your temperature on your device is faster than preheating your oven, which saves on energy.

Not only are you eating healthier, you’re being energy efficient as well.

There are several safety features to this product. If you fear overcooking your food, don’t worry.

There is an auto shut-off function that stops the appliance before your foods get overcooked.

It also has a handle that is cool to the touch. You don’t have to worry about your kids touching it and getting burnt.

Another nice feature is that this specific model comes in four colors: aqua, black, white, and red.

It’s easy to match your kitchen aesthetic! In addition to all the features and functionality, rest assured because this device comes with a one year manufacturer warranty.


  • Comes in four available colours
  • Good auto shut off feature
  • Size of the basket is ideal for families
  • Cooks fast and easy to use
  • Manufacturer’s cookbook included as well as recipe database access.


  • Materials used could have been better
  • Takes up quite a bit of counter space
  • Timer is rather noisy

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Dash air fryer review


GoWISE USA Air Fryer Review Digital Touchscreen 7Qt

GoWISE USA air fryer review

The GoWISE 7-Quart Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer is one of the best air fryer options to consider if you want an easy to use, all-around appliance with a family sized large capacity.

In just one touch, you can serve a healthy meal with less fat and less prep time.

With numerous handy features, this would surely be a great addition to your kitchen.

Available Colors:Red/Silver
Capacity:7 Quarts
Size categoryLarge
Suitable household size:Up to 6 people
Dimensions:11.8 x 11.8 x 14.0 in
Item weight:17.4 lb
Power wattage:1700 W
Temperature control:Digital
Air Fryer style:Basket type
Manufacturer’s cookbook included:Yes
Video credit GoWISE USA

GoWISE USA Air Fryer Review and Consumer Insights

GoWISE USA’s 7-Quart Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer is a compact device that can cook up a meal for up to six people.

Its maximum cooking capacity can take in a whole chicken, two pounds of fries, or five burgers.

The interior cooking space is also durable and very easy to clean up as the basket and the crisper tray are non-stick coated.

Because of its high-power heating element and advanced mechanism, the fryer can perform eight cooking functions while allowing you to adjust the time and temperature that can go from 90F up to 400F.

In the convenient one-touch screen, you can choose to Air Fry, Keep Warm, Dehydrate, Grill, Broil, Roast, Bake, and Reheat.

The new preset, Dehydrate, sets the temperature between 90F to 170F to dry nutritious food, like fruits and vegetables, for up to 24 hours.

Maximum capacity is also considered for this function as three stackable racks come with every purchase of this GoWISE Air Fryer that’s available in four colors.

Another interesting function is “Keep Warm”, which keeps your already cooked food from getting cold or spoiled for every meal.

To guide customers in preparing appetizers, desserts, and main dishes, a cookbook is also given. It has a total of 100 quality recipes with it.

GoWISE USA also has a recipe app and other recipe books you can download for free.


  • 8 cooking functions in one appliance
  • 24 hours max cooking time
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes in four available colours
  • Manufacturer’s cookbook included
  • GoWISE recipe app and other recipes available online


  • The writing on the user interface is rather faint
  • The fan is a bit loud for some people
  • Due to its large size, naturally requires a bigger counter top

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GoWISE air fryer review