Dash Air Fryer Review Deluxe Electric 3Qt

Dash air fryer review

The Deluxe 3Qt Air Fryer is the next size up from the 2.6Qt Air Fryer and is your best pick if you’re looking for a slightly bigger capacity.

Cooked by dint of the brand new Air Crisp Technology, you get to taste the most delicious fried food without using the oil and therefore, without dealing with any mess.

In just a few touches, you’ll be able to eat your 75% less fatty food, all within minutes.

Its precise controls and auto-shutoff will also allow you to do whatever you want while the food is being cooked.

Available Colors:Aqua, Black, Red, White
Capacity:3 Quarts
Size category:Small
Suitable household size:1 – 2 people
Dimensions:13 x 10.4 x 12.6 in
Item weight:8.8 lb
Power wattage:1200 W
Temperature control:Analogue / Dial
Air Fryer style:Basket type
Manufacturer’s cookbook included:Yes
Video credit: Dash

Dash Air Fryer Review and Consumer Insights

Utilizing AirCrisp technology, the Dash Deluxe 3Qt air fryer only uses hot air so it reduces surplus fat by 80% without giving up on the flavor of fried food, providing with healthier, more delicious fried food than oil-type fryers.

The Deluxe 3Qt Air Fryer is your best pick if you’re looking for .

The 3-Quart basket capacity allows for compact cooking, perfectly sized for small families.

The capacity makes up to 1 lb bag of fries or a dozen wings, ideal for 2-4 servings of wings, fries, veggies, and more. Its non-stick removable basket will also allow you to easily clean up and therefore less mess will accumulate.

The product includes a cookbook that contains various recipes and mixtures for all types of food you can choose from ( chicken wings, french fries, desserts, veggies, appetizers, etc…).

On top of everything, most foods will be done by the minute due to its high-power heating system ( up to 400 degrees F).

Another important benefit of this fryer is its simple process. All you have to do is load the 3qt basket with the desired food, set the temperature, the timer, press the start button and within minutes you’ll be ready to enjoy your meal.

This brand new model is also much safer than most fryers since its auto-shutoff function averts overcooking, allowing you to relieve and do your thing with no worries while your food is being cooked.

Along with the Recipe Guide, you’ll also get a 1-year manufacturer warranty, 2-year warranty available with registration to the Feel Good Rewards program. No wonder the Dash Deluxe is one of the best small air fryer products we have chosen for you.



  • Small family capacity (1 – 2 people)
  • Manual timer and temperature control
  • The prints on the control could fade off over time.

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Dash air fryer review