Is Air Frying Healthy?

Is air frying healthy?

The promise of oil-free fryers is tempting: frying the most varied of foods in a healthy way, since their cooking system eliminates the use of fatty cooking oils.

It sounds like a great promise – but does the expectation of healthy fried food hold?

In general, yes: air fryers greatly reduce the contact and absorption of food with oils (and it is known that, in the long run, the excessive consumption of deep-fried foods can lead to an increase in cholesterol and weight gain, among other evils).

Don’t believe it? Then check this study out, published by the International Food Research Journal, which showed that air fried products had almost no extra oil when compared to traditional deep-fried food.

A traditional deep-fried potato strip had a whopping 14.8% oil content. Air fried? only 0.0025%. Yep, it’s that big a difference.

-Source: International Food research Journal

What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer?

The use of an air fryer allows the preparation of an almost unimaginable amount of foods, ranging from snacks to seafood, meat, vegetables, and even cake dough.

Is air frying healthy, What can you cook in an air fryer

The only difference in preparation is that each of these foods demands a different optimal temperature, as well as a minimum time in which they must remain in the air fryer.

Air Fryers bring a display with different temperatures and time options, to make life easier for those who do not want to spend time testing how to prepare each type of food individually.

Using the device, you can prepare healthy foods, preserving a more natural and differentiated flavor. In addition, the amount of fat is lessened.

Among the foods that work most with fryers are frozen foods, such as nuggets and chips.

It is not just “fried” food that can be prepared in the Air fryer.

Anything you can normally do in an oven – grilling, baking, etc. – you can also do in your air fryer without the use of any oil.

And if you live alone and do not want (or cannot) assemble a complex kitchen, here’s a pro tip: Having an air fryer will allow you to make healthier meals quickly and conveniently.

Is Air Fryer Worth Buying?

Is air fryer worth buying

The use of air fryer has been touted not just the easiest way of frying food but also one of the healthiest methods of doing that. It offers much versatility when cooking.

Since, it requires little or no oil, it brings out a healthier and tastier food. It offers a great way of enjoying fried food without having to deal with fatty calories.

Also, since it hardly gets greasy, it is much easier to clean.

If you are reading these, it is highly likely that you are considering buying an air fryer.

But some consumers may think that the promises offered by electric fryers are just a dream, leaving consumers in doubt:

Is it really worth investing in an Air fryer?

For most people, it is a definitive YES – and here is why

Because using an air fryer to cook in your daily life can save you time and cook much healthier foods while maintaining (and often enhancing) a delicious, crunchy taste.

In addition, fryer models are usually very easy to clean, which will also save you time washing dishes.

If you have health issues, such as high cholesterol, the air fryer will be your greatest ally, helping you to keep track of the amount of fat and oil consumed in your food.

The energy consumption of an electric fryer can be relatively high according to consumption, but most models have moderate energy consumption and in general, are very economical.

And to top it all off, the air fryer is incredibly practical and simple to clean. Some Air Fryer advantages include:

  • Extra space by vacating your stovetop and/or other kitchen appliances;

  • Healthier eating because you don’t need to add unhealthy cooking oils;

  • Make your food dry and crispy, with a similar taste to deep-fried food (but without the downsides of deep-fried food);

  • Frozen foods receive a completely different and improved taste and experience;

  • A cleaner kitchen that doesn’t smell of oily, fatty, deep-frying;

  • Dishes are easier to wash and clean, as they don’t have a sea of oil covering them;

  • Bake or roast meat, fish, and vegetables in a shorter time than an oven (and often with better results);

  • You don’t have to deal with the unpleasant smell of greasy, fatty oil infesting your kitchen or home anymore;

  • Incredibly portable, which means you can easily change it to a different place in your house or kitchen, or even move it to another house, such as your rental or vacation home;

  • Worried your food will get soggy by using the microwave? No more! Air fryers can reheat foods without making them limp, soggy, and with a bland taste like a microwave does. Instead, the air fryer will make its texture and taste even better.

Air Fryer – Do’s and Don’ts

air fryer dos and donts

The air fryer is becoming the most popular alternative to traditional cooking as it is easier to use and clean.

If you are thinking of buying an air fryer, or you already have one, we have compiled some air fryer tips and tricks that can help you become a master chef in your kitchen.

You can quickly cook multiple dishes at once, and also cut back on fatty oils that can mess up someone’s diet plan.

If you are thinking of buying an air fryer, or you already have one, we have compiled some air fryer tips and tricks that can help you become a master chef in your kitchen.

Air Fryer Do’s

There are a lot of tips you can do to make your meals crispier and more delicious when you’re using your air fryer.

Here are the most helpful air fryer tips and tricks that can improve your cooking.

✅ 1. Preheat the Air Fryer

Like all other methods of cooking, preheating your air fryer will not only help you cook your food evenly but will also ensure that you prepare your food faster.

Preheating at least 3 minutes before you put in your food is the recommended time.

✅ 2. Clean in Between Cooking

One of the most basic do’s of an air fryer is to clean it right after cooking.

Aside from keeping your air fryer free from germs and bacteria, cleaning it often will also ensure that no grease sticks and ruin the quality of your food cooked in it.

✅ 3. Grease Air Fryer Basket

Greasing the basket will make sure that your food will not stick to it.

Because most of the air fryers already have a nonstick coating, this air fryer tip is just a bonus.

✅ 4. Utilize the Drippings

The fatty oil that is collected in the drawer can be used to make gravies, pan sauce, and other recipes that require fatty oils.

This is a great thing to do especially

✅ 5. Shake the Basket While Cooking

To ensure that your food cooks evenly, you can shake the basket a few times while you are preparing your food.

This will make sure that your food browns evenly and nothing will be overcooked or undercooked.

✅ 6. Adding Water When Cooking Fatty Foods

You may notice white smoke when you are cooking food that is greasy such as bacon.

Don’t panic as this happens most of the time, and it’s fairly easy to solve.

Simply add around two tablespoons of water in the basket when you cook greasy foods.

✅ 7. Buy a Quick-Read Thermometer

If you are one of the people who want to follow cooking recipes to the dot, it is best to invest in a thermometer that can quickly get a reading.

This is essential for cooking food such as steak, chicken, add pork, to make sure that you are not overcooking or undercooking the meat.

Air Fryer Don’ts

Just as there are tips to follow, there are also air fryer tips to avoid.

To ensure the best quality of your meals, you have to try and stop doing the following things.

1. Don’t Buy Cheap Low-Quality Air Fryer

This is a no-brainer. Buying a low-quality fryer is not good in the long term as you will find yourself buying more often since it easily breaks.

Investing in a high-quality air fryer will be easier on your budget in the long run.

❌2. Never Overcrowd The Basket

Adding too many foods to your basket will prohibit the air from circulating properly, and you will not get the quality you want.

Try to cook your food in a few batches instead of overcrowding your basket so that the food comes out crispy and delicious.

❌3. Don’t Use Aerosol Cooking Spray

Certain additives in an aerosol cooking spray can damage the nonstick coating of some air fryer baskets, so it is better to avoid them.

Go for a good quality oil instead, and put them in a bottle spray as an alternative to oil aerosol spray cans.

❌4. Avoid Cooking Loose Batters

Not only will you get food that has a loose coating, but you will also have a hard time cleaning your air fryer.

Try to avoid this when cooking meals such as chicken wings or other food with batters.

❌5. Avoid Cooking Small Light Items

Since air fryers rely on air circulation to cook your meals, having small light items can be swept up by the fan.

This can ruin the quality of your meal, not to mention a little dangerous when cooking.

Make sure that the food you will put will not fly around inside once you start cooking. 

Final Thoughts

An air fryer is fairly easy to use. With these air fryer tips, you can ensure that you will be able to prepare flavorful food in no time.

10 Reasons to Get Your Air Fryer Today

Air fryer buying guide
Photo credit: Cosori

You’ve probably seen air fryers on TV, internet, IG, or heard your friends talk about how great they are, but you may not yet know how useful they really are

So, if you’re thinking about it, is air fryer worth buying? You’re in the right place..

We’ve put together this list of 10 reasons of why buy an air fryer is a great decision.

It’s good to note that this new innovative equipment for our kitchen is a vital aid to a healthier diet.

Air fryers are the ideal complement to any kitchen. Their versatility is unique as you can cook anything from French fries, to roast chicken, to bake cakes.

Also, if your family is large you will have no problem getting a large model that allows you to cook more food in a short time.

Given all the benefits that air fryers have nowadays there is a great variety of designs and all sizes.

Therefore, you can get one air fryer that is perfect for the size of your kitchen, and the number of people in your home.

1. Little to no oil needed

Fried food is usually very fatty, and eating foods with excess oil can be harmful to our health.

Fatty food is very heavy, and the digestive system must make an extra effort to process it.

However, this is one of the best reasons to get your air fryer today because cooking any food requires little or no oil, and we get rich, crispy fried foods without excess oil.

Therefore, with an air fryer you will drastically reduce your oil consumption, which your body will thank you for.

2. Healthy delicious food

Now that you know that food prepared in an air fryer needs little to no oil, you’re probably wondering does fried food in an air fryer taste good?

And the answer is YES! Whether it’s the classic French fries, chicken wings, or even sweets, they all look delicious, with great taste, crunchy texture, and good for your health.

So with an air fryer it is possible to enjoy fried food that is healthy and delicious.

3. Easy to clean

10 Reasons to Get Your Air Fryer Today

We all love to eat, but nobody likes to clean the kitchen, and especially when we fry, since the kitchen gets dirty with oil and is more difficult to clean.

However, with an air fryer this is no longer a problem since they have a basket with a non-stick surface and it is easy to clean after we use it, and we don’t get the kitchen dirty with oil.

We all love to eat, but nobody likes to clean the kitchen, and especially when we fry, since the kitchen gets dirty with oil and is more difficult to clean.

4. Food is ready quickly

Since air fryers use hot air at high speed this makes the food ready in a short time. Like most electric kitchen appliances, they come in different sizes with different capacities.

Therefore, if your family is large it is advisable to get a large healthy air fryer, and this way you can prepare food faster.

5. Cooking with your kids is fun

Sharing with the little ones in the house is always fun, and cooking with them even more so.

However, cooking can be a little dangerous for them, but an air fryer is so safe that even our children can use it without risk of burning themselves.

Also, by allowing the children to help us and cook with us, we encourage their interest and taste in cooking.

And every time you have an opportunity to prepare a new recipe, you can take advantage of it and teach them about the benefits of the food they are cooking.

6. Cooks automatically

Air fryers do not require our constant attention while they are running. All we have to do is put the food in and set the timer, and before you know it, it’s ready.

All the models have a timer option, so after turning it on we can do the rest of the preparations, or watch TV while the food cooks automatically in the air fryer.

7. Multi-purpose cooking

Air fryer buying guide
Photo credit: Secura

It’s not just for frying and nothing else. You can also bake cakes, roast meat, cook vegetables, among others.

The sky is the limit when cooking with an air fryer, you just have to let your imagination and creativity fly in the kitchen and create delicious dishes.

8. Better than the oven

According to several tests, the food is ready in less time than in the oven.

For example, a chicken breast cooks faster in an air fryer and stays juicier than in the oven.

If you have little time to prepare the food, and every second is valuable, we recommend our best pick Top 10 air fryers.

9. Lower energy consumption

This is another reason why buy an air fryer is an excellent idea, it consumes few power.

Even if we use it daily, the impact on the electricity bill at the end of the month will not be much affected.

10. Free Recipe Book

Air fryer buying guide

Whether you’re passionate about cooking or just an occasional cook, an air fryer can be your ally in the kitchen.

Most brands include a free recipe booklet that will help you begin creating great dishes. Some brands even offer downloadable recipe apps.

So, the next time you visit them at home you can dazzle them with a delicious and healthy meal, and best of all you can prepare it in no time.


Getting an air fryer is definitely a good idea. It will allow you to cook healthy food quickly and without excess fat. Plus, it helps keep the kitchen cleaner.

However, these are just a few reasons why everyone should have an air fryer at home.

Let us now take you through to our Air fryer buyer’s guide so you can learn more about the Air fryer products and how to choose the best one for your kitchen.

Alternatively you can read our Top 10 best air fryer review or go to our Shop page and buy your perfect air fryer today.